The break of dawn provided light to the Earth’s tired surface, as a young character’s eyes widened to absorb the beauty of god’s creation. With shallow breaths and a pulsating heartbeat, he didn’t observe the world for long from his bedroom window; he had his own metaphorical world to tend to; and his brain threw him into a place where the colours of joy were so bright, that it blinded out any valid road of logical reasoning. His eyes followed a pair of birds soaring among the clouds, their bodies becoming nothing but small specks of black against the clementine of a sky. The toxic perfumes of elation wafted up his nostrils and polluted his lungs, replacing the oxygen in his bloodstream and intoxicating every blood cell in his veins and arteries.

This is a piece of work from my upcoming book ‘ Scarred Visions’, to be published soon in 2022

A rush in his chest, and pace in his feet, he scampered downstairs, and dashed out the front door, his mind was a portal to awe and wonder. Winter’s air bit him mercilessly, her teeth scratching against his delicate skin, but he was numb to any pain inflicted to him. He was bursting with mental energy, and a grin had found itself a home on the centre of his glowing face. The howling wind played her seasonal lyrics of bitterness and despair, but the warmth of his internal body burned an inferno against anything other than immense joy. Eyes dilated, flashing teeth and an impatient body, itching to always move, he ventured through the mattress of white snow that lay itself on the road and pavements, left ruined by the permanent footprints he left behind. He followed the dreadful perfume of spontaneity, held hands with euphoric recklessness and was encouraged by blissful ignorance. Only if he was aware of the danger, he was in…

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  1. EmilyLivesOn Avatar

    I love all of the vivacious details that you added. You really captured mania in your writing. Very well done.

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