Her hair—twisted like long, green tentacles—fell like water across her face
and as the rain came pouring down, algae liquid followed suit—oceanic.
In the depths of her laughter, I explored the brightest and most beautiful coral reefs,
and in the wake of her tears, I learned that, sometimes, they…get bleached.
Luckily, she always finds the light again, and I am able to sun-bathe in her warm glow;
Together, we grow tanner, and as nightfall breaks, her body crashes like waves upon me.
Over and over and over again, I get to enjoy her tides until it’s time for me to nurture, rather than to relish.
Because as the sea rises and falls, so does she, but that doesn’t make her any less my favorite place to be.

2 responses to “Seafarer; From the Perspective of a Future Lover”

  1. Pamela Gold Avatar
    Pamela Gold

    You inspire me to put pen to paper again. I felt this all the way to my toes. You’re brilliant!

    1. Rowan H. Avatar

      Aw. That’s very sweet. Thank you! And please do! I’d love to read more of your work!

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