The Switch Flipped

Just like that it clicked.

The switch was flipped and I’m awake. Fully rebooted as a human being, focused and inspired. As if I wasn’t in incredible mental agony just two days before, and spent September lost and dissolved in time. The best I can explain it is that it’s like losing your thought mid-sentence and you can’t find it for weeks on end, so you’re stuck in a loop paralyzed. Except, the thought is your life. Then you find it and you feel so stupid, because it was RIGHT THERE all along. That’s what living with bipolar is.

Obviously, I’m incredibly happy to be ‘ON’, but this dance is tiring and even though this time around my episode did not disrupt my life too much (thank you, meds), I will have to spend the next week rebuilding what has been neglected and utterly trashed.

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