Why is using “bipolar” to describe weather annoying?  It trivializes the illness. It’s flippant. It feels like “oh my god the weather is mentally ill, how obnoxious.”  It’s a complaint. “Bipolar weather” isn’t something anyone enjoys. It’s irritating to them. People want “bipolar weather” to calm the fuck down so they can go about their lives unaffected, unbothered, and not inconvenienced.

The weather is retarded. The weather is gay. Not in use any longer. The weather is schizo. (Still a problem).

Part of me says “fuck censorship, everything is funny or nothing is funny.”  Part of me says, “It’s really hard to tell someone I’m bipolar when they associate it with bad weather.”  Or when they attribute it to anything they find awful. Like various politicians being… politicians.

I want to say “I’m bipolar” without having someone recoil from a fear that I will inflict chaos onto their life. I’m not a fucking hurricane.  I’m probably more like a puddle, and goddamn it quit stepping in me, you’re filling me up with the filth on your shoes.

2 responses to “The Weather is not Bipolar”

  1. 6yearsgone Avatar

    the weather truly has nothing to due with the illness. yes, saying bipolar weather feels trival. i tend to think “bipolar weather” gets misconstrued with seasonal depression or something.
    i hear you with that telling anyone about being bipolar. Seems now the climate says i have biploar disorder 🤔 rather than we are bipolar, whatever though. still lots of stigma around it.

  2. Rowan H. Avatar

    The metaphor at the end about the puddle and the shoes, wow; I feel that. I hope writing this was cathartic though because I know how obnoxious it is to read and hear all of those “bipolar weather” comments all the time.

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