I stare out the window,
stand and watch the rain beat down
harshly on the rug spread on my patio;
It wasn’t supposed to be like this.

I sip coffee from a chipped mug that I broke
during my last move;
its temperature scalds me—
just like life.

By the time I finish my cup
and the day has halfway gone,
the raining stops;
So, I do as I always have.

I trudge outside,
hand the sodden rug over the metal furniture to dry,
and I make my peace that,
oftentimes, life occurs in such a way that I am both
the mess and
the broom;

No worries, though,
for I will always have the ability
to sweep myself back up again.

2 responses to “This is Not What I Expected”

  1. Pamela Gold Avatar
    Pamela Gold

    Your word choice is a guiding light. I mean that!

    1. Rowan H. Avatar

      I appreciate you immensely, Pam. <3 Thanks for always being in my corner.

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