Wasting Energy

If I could breathe properly I simply would not waste my breath, Begging for help to you, who didn’t listen, when I was gasping for air. 
Because every action is a calculation of energy I have left to spend.
How hopeless it seems, to live your days conserving and rationing when and how you get to feel.

One response to “Wasting Energy”

  1. Rowan H. Avatar

    I feel this on a very intense level. And I’m not sure if it’s because it’s real and happening or if it’s because of the intensity of the state of our minds when we’re at our emotional peaks, but it always feels like there’s no one there that you’re close to when you need them, doesn’t it? Or, it often feels that way to me, at least.

    Luckily, once the emotional height has plateaued and starts its descent, I’m able to realize that maybe they were just busy or didn’t have the emotional capacity at the time. But more importantly, I can realize gain that I am loved and that I matter—despite whatever I’m going through.

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