Hi, I’m Megan. I’m the odd one in a room full of odd ones. I’m the hot mess, the bleeding heart, the bitch, the slut, the nurturer, the hate group antagonist, the knowledge seeker, and the ride or die. You know, the one you call in an emergency even if we only met one time for 10 minutes or you had a falling out with me 10 years ago?

I’m a single mother. I’m a victim of narcissistic abuse, domestic violence, and verbal abuse. I’m a suicide survivor 4 times over, legally dead twice. I went untreated until I was 27. I’ve been misdiagnosed, given the wrong treatment including the wrong meds, and have never quit trying. Mostly, I am the one who’s perpetually pissing people off.

I have Rapid Cycling Depressive Bipolar II. By Rapid Cycling, I mean I have monthly swings vs. the more common four episodes a year. Due to the excessive abuse in my past and the rareness of my type of Bipolar, I was mis- diagnosed as having Borderline Personality Disorder in addition to Bipolar by some. A dual diagnosis that is almost unheard of. Some of my behaviors never really aligned with the latter diagnosis and I started doing my own research after falling victim to yet another abusive narcissist. My behavior had become well… bizarre even for me. I took what I found to my psychiatrist and it was as if a light bulb lit above her head.

I’m Dissociative. To be exact, I have Non-Specific Dissociative Identity Disorder due to Complex Post- Taumatic Stress Disorder. I’m the embodiment of rare mental illness manifestations.

Since “perfecting” my diagnosis, I’ve taken what professional skills I do have and supplemented them with extensive research on all things mental health. All things, meaning not just my own battles. My passions are supporting, educating, listening, learning, and destigmatizing mental illness. Although my biggest love is parenting my gifted, challenging son. Nice to meet you 😉

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  1. Kelly Avatar

    Hi Megan, I’m a rapid cycler bipolar 1. My depressive and manic episodes can also turn into daily cycles. I also am a surviver of domestic/mental abuse. I have found the best medication I can, but the past suffering haunts me at times and I feel like I am not the person I want to be/or the person I am. My manic episodes of the past had life-changing consequences, that I cannot relate here.

    1. Meg Avatar

      Hi Kelly! Amen to all of the above! I wish I could offer a “you’ll get there”. The truth is, none of us will ever avoid those days completely. That’s why managing Bipolar is just that, managing. Just know your not alone in this reality that there is no cure. And reach out! Here, on Twitter, anywhere, and/or everywhere else! To me, almost anyone that follows me, probably everyone that follows @bipolarclubdx, and/or anyone
      in this community. We’re here😉

  2. Rowan H. Avatar

    I loved reading this about you, Meg. Thanks for sharing some about who you are! (And for what it’s worth, I totally love all the research you do and how your mind works. Thanks for being you!)

    1. Meg Avatar

      You’re sweet. Thank you 💖

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