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We change the world by telling our stories.

bcdx.org is the home of heartfelt original content from members of the #BipolarClub community. We welcome content that draws on your experiences in any form: written, visual, podcast or vlog.

The process for creating content is straightforward:

  • Start by registering and adding your bio and profile pic. Please include your Twitter handle in your bio so that we can mention you in the promotional tweets.
  • Tweet Kurt to tell him the good news
  • Kurt will confirm within 48 hours that you’ve been upgraded to ‘Contributor’. In the meantime read up on how to make content look really sexy on WordPress by using quotes, lists, Drop Caps and stuff
  • Press new post, write your piece, add your art or video or whateverthehellcoolthing you want to share
  • Select the appropriate categories and make sure that ‘Uncategorized‘ is deselected.
  • Find and add a landscape ‘Featured image‘ by:
    • Alternatively you can search Google images: Press ‘Tools’ and ensure: Image size is ‘Large‘; Color is ‘Any color‘; Type is ‘Any type; Time is ‘Any time‘;  Usage rights must be set to ‘Creative Commons licences‘. This narrows down the search to images that we’re allowed to reuse for free.
    • DM the image to Kurt so that he can apply it to your article. It will automatically appear at the top of your article so there’s no need to insert it yourself.
  • Ask a friend to review your piece for feedback and typos
  • Tell Kurt it’s ready to publish

The next thing you know it’ll be up on bcdx.org and @BipolarClubDx will be Tweeting loud and proud about it. Pat yourself on the back. We love you fam.

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