You may be hypersexual if?

You may be experiencing hypersexuality if you have:

  • Continued sexual risk-taking despite negative effects
  • Difficulty with relationships, including commitment and fidelity
  • Excessive thoughts about sex
  • Inability to control sexual thoughts or behaviors
  • Intense sexual fantasies that feel out of control
  • Strong drive for sexual behaviors along with relief and then guilt after the fact
  • Use of sexual thoughts or behaviors to avoid feeling emotions

I have bipolar 1 with features of psychosis. Among the many symptoms is that of extreme hypersexuality.

Some ways that I cope is to:

  • do StripChat shows online with a webcam. This allows me a safe outlet for having sex and masturbating while interacting with fans.
  • Masturbate to WebCam Girls online
  • Masturbate over discord with girlfriend

My life and relationships have been disrupted by this very thing. I watched porn at work and got fired. I flirted and advanced on a girl at work and got fired. I had risky threesomes with homeless people unprotected. I took heroin and meth to increase the release. All these because of hypersexuality.

I try and survive every day but it is a challenge. So don’t feel alone.

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  1. Kurt Avatar

    Thanks for sharing Lance. I wonder whether those coping mechanisms are the healthiest? I appreciate it’s safer than unprotected sex with many people but I wonder about the psychological impact, thanks Kurt.

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